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I was doing this a few months ago to help pay for medical bills (and groceries) and then I fell out of my wheelchair, broke a bunch of stuff, and now I have more medical bills (and still would like groceries)

Who am I?: I am a heredity witch, I’ve been studying my craft since childhood and tarot is my preferred tool of divination.

How does this work?: Send me a question or situation you want more info about and I’ll pick a spread for you, or pick a spread you want done (listed below) You can contact me here or email me at christyleighstewart@gmail.com 

I will record your reading, upload it on Google docs and send you a private link. If that doesn’t work for you, other arrangements can be made.

Please give me 24 hours to respond.

Depending on what you feel the reading is worth send me a gift donation through paypal to me at christyleighstewart@gmail.com

I do take my tarot very seriously so despite what heartstrings my story might pluck I insist you donate only what you think the reading deserves.

The spreads:

1. Yes or No spread

This is a three card spread and although it could easily give you a yes or no answer it also provides what the cards considered to be valuable information. This spread takes about 5 min.

2. Celtic Cross spread

A ten card spread that gives you an overview and guide through situations.

This spread is great if you have a situation you want information on and can’t think of a specific question. An example would be “I’m thinking about coming out to my family” it will give you insight into many of the aspects working with and against you at this time.

Often, this is the first spread people choose and once given some clarity through the reading they then decide to ask more specific questions.

This spread tends to take 20 min. not including follow-up questions.

3. A general question spread

Depending on the question or the direction the cards point me toward this can be anywhere from three cards on a up.

Sometimes there are issues the cards want you to address which will necessitate another spread. If this is the case, I will talk to you about how you want to go to about it.

This spread can take anywhere from 10 min. to an hour.

Also: Don’t have any question per se? Check out some of these spreads I think you’ll like

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Sometimes I think I am so smart it makes me dumb,

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Autumn is here! =) #Bossthefrenchbulldog http://ift.tt/1rFdjVw


james gordon has a flip phone pass it on

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artblock so i made this…_(:3_

cause its cute~ <33

I have never liked the penguin, really, but this actor is so /good/.

Catching up on Gotham since I missed it last night due to my cat’s death. 

Every time that Eddie comes on screen I am like a proud parent and I flip out because he is so precious and adorable and I just asdfghjklimage

Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born.
---F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned (via larmoyante)